ESF Ronda Dali Bedroom

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The design of all items is made in light style, which makes it possible to create a harmonious sleeping set.


Queen Bed - 66.97"w x 85.43"d x 47.24"h

Queen Bed W/Storage - 211.8"w x 83.39"d x 13.78"h

King Bed - 83.4"w x 85.43"d x 47.24"h

King Bed W/Storage - 79.41"w x 83.39"d x 13.78"h

Nightstand - 22.83"w x 18.5"d x 15.59"h

Single Dresser - 46.46"w x 19.21" x 36.61"h

Double Dresser - 58.27"w x 19.49"d x 32.91"h

Mirror - 39.37"w x 0.91"d x 39.37"h

Floor Mirror - 30"w x 1.57"d x 76.46"h

Chest - 22.83"w x 18.5"d x 46.06"h