Kenneth Cobonpue Wave Dining Table

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With wooden elements arranged in the likeness of an ocean current, Wave is as much a sculpture as it is a table. Fashioned from solid walnut or maple, it captures and solidifies the undulation of the salty sea in a rhythmic, sculptural form that’s graceful and profound.

INDOOR - Natural Walnut (upcharge) or Maple w/ Dk Brown Finish

Three sizes of Glass tops are available:

Large - 93.5" L x 29.5" W Glass top  

Med - 56" L x 29.5" W Glass top

Small - 43"L x 29.5" W Glass top

* Price shown is for the Large Glass top & Maple wood - Upcharge for Natural Walnut

The upholsetered chair the 'Parchment' is also from the Kenneth Cobonpue collection. Listed seperately.